Prof. Nicolas Kalogerakis

Professor Emeritus, Technical University of Crete, Greece

Nicolas Kalogerakis is a professor of Biochemical Engineering in the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Crete where he has served as Vice-President of the University Council and Department Head (twice). Prior to that he was a Professor at SUNYBuffalo (USA) and at the University of Calgary (Canada) where he climbed quickly through all ranks. In 1997, he returned to Greece as the founding faculty member of the Environmental Engineering Dept. He holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering from NTUA (Athens, Greece), a Master degree from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and a PhD from the Univ. of Toronto (Canada). During 2018-19, he was a Visiting Professor in the Dept of Chemical Engineering at the American University of Sharjah (UAE). Currently he is also Collaborating faculty at the Institute pf Petroleum Research – FORTH, Chania Greece.

His area of expertise includes biochemical engineering & environmental biotechnology focusing on bioremediation and phytoremediation technologies for the restoration of contaminated sites; protection and restoration of the marine environment (oil spills and marine litter); novel oxygenation systems and wastewater treatment; and mathematical modeling of environmental processes. He has been very active in attracting external research funding totaling in excess of 25 million USD. Currently, Prof. Kalogerakis’s group is participating in 3 EU funded research projects (Horizon-2020), coordinator of nanoBT, an ERA-MIN2 project and was the coordinator of KILL*SPILL, a large FP7- project, that was recently completed.

He has served as a member of the European Commission (EC) Environment Committee (2007-2011) and as Sherpa in the EC, High Level Group on Key Enabling Technologies (2013-2015).


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Plastics and microplastics pollution: Are nature-based solutions possible?

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